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JANUARY 2021 COLLECTIVE READING *Mini Intuitive message *

The energy surrounding January 2021 is all about preperation , Organization, Structure and Maturity . Their will be some unexpected events that will require you to be mature. Don't focus on anything that will not bring you growth. Many things that was hidden will come to the fore front. It will be up to you how you handle them. Spirit is showing me balloons. Balloons represents the need to see things from a higher perspective. I am also feeling an intense energy in my crown so a lot of people will be going through a massive crown chakra expansion. The color green, purple, and blue are very important colors in the month of January. The green deals with your heart chakra, purple is your crown and blue is your throat chakra. Make sure to keep these chakra balance in the month of January. Things will happen that may bring them out of out balance and may even cause some blockages. Some of you will be signing some paperwork. I am hearing the word resolution. Make sure you also read the fine print of anything that you sign. I also feel those of you who've been having unexpected health conditions things will start to get better. Especially those who've had back issues. The owl, the dove , eagle and hummingbirds are the animals that will be guiding the energy of the month. LOOK UP THE SPIRITUAL MEANING OF EACH BIRD.

Use this month to really start implementing a strategy to get things done. Spirit is saying no more procrastination. Its time to get things done. Also make sure you get some rest. Do not over work yourself this month. This will be an important month for growth surrounding Partnerships and collaboration. Handle everything with maturity and patience. The energy surrounding money and finances has alot to do with your skills and craft. Its all about self mastery and building. The energy surrounding love is about choices and decisions. Some of you this is making a decision to either stay and build or walk away. There will also be some celebrations and some small gatherings. Mostly

surrounding birthdays. I recommend taking some time to meditate and sit with yourself. Also go out in nature. As always eat healthy and keep your vibez up . Sending you all love, peace and prosperity.

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