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All About Me

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Hello I am The Royal High Priestess 8888. I am a light worker. Here to raise the Conciousness of humanity. My goal is to help you on your spiritual journey. I started my journey to ascension after a ceiling collapsed on me and my two Autistic children May 27,2017. From that day forward my life was never the same. I was immediately led to awaken my gifts to help humanity. I work from a place of love and light. I've helped thousands of people. My goal to leave a powerful legacy and to help as many lives as possible. I've helped individuals who suffered from depression, anxiety, grief , heartbreak and overall those experiencing hardships. I know what it feels like to be in my clients position. So I'm able to give them the necessary tools to help them on their spiritual journey. We all deserve to live and an abundant and prosperous life. This is the journey to your Divine Divinity. Seek: Answers and understanding, Heal release and let go, Growth: Ascend and Evolve and Feel: Renewed and Balance. Sending you all peace, love, light and abundance.

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