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Updated: Aug 19, 2021

I'm having a vision of someone emerging from a beautiful lotus flower surrounded by a vibrant Gold and indigo color. As this person rises from the Lotus flower they are completely naked. There eyes are of an orange and yellow color. The lotus flower is symbolic of the Healer arising within them but also the necessary healing has been completed. The Gold and indigo color is symbolic of the expansion of her psychic gifts and the elevation of her vibration. Her emerging from the the lotus flower naked is symbolic of her accepting all of herself and showing her vulnerable yet sensual nature. She's completely intune with her feminine energy. The orange and yellow in her eyes are the reigniting of her personal powers and life force creative energy. The emerging from the lotus flower is also symbolic of her rebirth. When she went inside the lotus flower she was completely clothes. Which is symbolic of her being closed off, detached, broken and unacceptiing of herself. She's now reborn. She's a beautiful delicate flower. She has healed on a soul level and now she is finally free. She's learned to emerge her shadow and light.

Message: its becoming apparent that their is new you that is emerging embrace this process you've been waiting for this transformation for 2 years and the time has finally come.

Angel number 222

Check out this video for additional message.

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