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Channel Message from Mother Gaia

🧿🌬Channeling from mother gaia: 🌎

right now I am being shown the collective lifting up mother gaia . Everyone is using their right hand . The right hand is symbolic of skill fullness leadership and compassion. The right hand is the masculine energy. Everyone is tapped in using their spiritual eye to see beyond the veil. Everyone hand is green. This about using your heart to uplift humanity. I see the hands of many are shaking to keep the earth up lifted. This is symbolic of needing to trust and love even though you may be struggling to love. Afraid to love. This is about seeing all things including self with compassion and love. Just as mother gaia has never stop providing shelter, love, food, oxygen and water. She ask us to never give up on sheltering, loving and feeding others. Love others as she has loved/ loves you. She asks us to remember she created this world with love and compassion. Don't let it die with anger, pain, resentment , hatred ,jealousy and envy.

Additional message: 942

9 symbolic of humanitarian and light workers

9 is also the 9th house which is SAGITTARIUS energy. Number 9 is about higher learning and wisdom.

4 about is your home, foundation, relationship and family . 4th house is cancer energy. She is the mother of the Zodiac.

2 is about taurus energy. 2nd house material and finances .

Her message : use your humanitarian skills and wisdom to bring love to all and your needs and your family needs will always be met. Take care of my home and I will take care of yours. You hurt your environment then you hurt humanity.

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Verneicea Staggers
Verneicea Staggers
Jun 08, 2021


The Royal High Priestess 8888
The Royal High Priestess 8888
Jun 08, 2021
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