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Welcome to your January 2021 Mini Monthly Intuitive Messages. Below you will find your mini intuitive message, Angel number and important dates.



Happy New Years water signs. Tuning into you guys energy. Spirit is showing me a wishing well. The wishing well is a symbol of a wish fulfillment. Some sort of wish will be coming to fruition for you guys. Spirit is also saying after you get this wish do not rest on your laurels. Continue to put the same amout of effort that you were putting in before this wish came true. Some of you still have some fears of getting out of your comfort zone. Spirit is saying this fear comes from the past. You tried something and it didn't pan out the way you expected it to . This is the month where you guys will be breaking free. This could be from job, old mindsets, self sabotaging behaviors etc. The energy surrounding you guys is that of The Magician. This represents someone who's able to manifest at a fast pace. However there will be a need for you guys to slow down and ground yourself. If not you will risk the chance of some sort of illness. Which has a lot to do with exhaustion. So take breaks when necessary. Listen to your body!! When it comes to your relationship. Spirit is saying dont let petty arguments effect your connection. For those of you who are single their maybe some sort of love offer around the 15th of the month. Some water signs will also be signing some paperwork. This could happen in the second week of the month. The energy surrounding your career and finances. Is a lot of movement. Spirit is saying make sure you can handle what you are committing yourself to. If not there will be alot of movement but slow opportunities.

IMPORTANT DATES: 10, 15, 16, 21, 22, 23, 27


Your prayers about your career and life mission have been heard and answered by the Ascended masters, who are are guiding and protecting you. Keep listening to your intuition, because these thoughts are actually answered prayers.



Happy New Year Earth Signs. Tuning into you guys energy . Spirit is showing me someone whose laying in bed. They just woke up from being asleep. I see someone wiping their eyes and looking confused. I feel you guys have been in this deep meditative space about your life for the last three to five years. You guys have just been flowing with your emotions. spirit is saying you guys were in survival mode. Even if some things wasn't beneficial for you. You guys did whatever to make yourself happy. Now in January you guys are waking up and being more mindful and present in your life. Some of you guys are realizing how much you missed out on. By allowing your emotions to guide you. Others of you are preparing for great changes. This will be a month where many wake up calls will happen. This is nothing to be afraid of but it may feel uncomfortable. Truths about yourself and other people will be revealed. When it comes to your Partnership spirit is saying let people help you and don't be stubborn. For those of you who are single I feel like you guys aren't focus on relationships right now. You guys are focusing on yourself. Some of you recently broke up with a partner three to five months ago. The energy surrounding finances and career. Spirit is saying the world is your oyster create what you wish.

IMPORTANT DATES: 4, 6 10, 18, 25, 27, 28,



You are going through massive changes. Its important to continue to trust in the Universe as you go through these changes. Remember you are well supported and you are not alone.



Happy New Year Fire Signs. Tuning into you guys energy. I immediately heard Aliyah. I heard her lyrics. If at first you don't succeed you can brush it off and try again . Some of you I feel like you will be trying something that you did before but you will be doing it differently. I feel like you guys are in this energy of perseverance. Some of you are really focus this Month. Spirit is showing me a vision of disruption and destruction happening around someone but they don't see it because they are focus on one particular thing /area. Spirit is saying dont focus to much on one thing that you neglect another. For example don't focus to much on your goals that you neglect your health or family. I see some of you are implementing a new strategy in your life to get things done. Others of you spirit is saying you need to develop a schedule and include some time for yourself in this schedule as well. Pay attention to the things you consume inside your body. Spirit is saying changing things up wll bring in more opportunities. Some of you are are still soul searching trying to figure out what's your purpose. Spirit is saying look within and you will find it.

The energy surrounding your Partnership. Spirit is saying acceptance. Stop trying to change your partner so you can feel comfortable. Those of you who are single. Many offers may come but you may turn them all down. I heard high expectations. So some of you have high expectations and some offers that come your way not suit your taste.

The energy surrounding your career and finances. Spirit is saying get clear and then create.

IMPORTANT DATES: 6, 8, 16, 18, 21, 24, 29


The Universe is helping you change your work life for the better.



Happy New Year Air Signs. Tuning into you guys energy. Spirit immediately led me to ask you guys this question. How much longer will you try to be all things to all people? Spirit is showing me this vision of someone whose going through one door and as soon as they get in the door they have to leave and go through another door. Some of you maybe trying to be the savior to, too many people. Its bringing you completed out of balance. You could be trying to be there for your job, children, friends and relationships. Spirit is saying their is need for you to to re-evaluate your connections. Are the people you there for pouring in your cup. Some of you like to be their for everyone because this makes you feel needed. There is a fear of being abandoned and this stems from childhood. Because of this some of you create connections that are co-dependant. Pay attention to your health. Make sure you are getting enough sleep. The energy surrounding your Partnership spirit is saying patience. Have patience with your partner their going through a Spiritual awakening. For those of you who are single. Spirit is saying work on healing. The energy surrounding your career and Finances, Is a lot of stress. Spirit is saying reevaluate why you started some of these jobs. Figure out the why. You may start to let some things go.

IMPORTANT DATES : 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, 12, 16, 22, 27, 28


Go ahead and make the changes you are considering, as you are completely protected and supported by the Angels and Ascended masters.

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Keish_ Key
Keish_ Key
02 ene 2021

I look forward to these events to unfold...thank u 🔥💯💯🎊

Me gusta

02 ene 2021

Thank You! ASE

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Tommai Murphy
Tommai Murphy
02 ene 2021

Aries ♈️ and that was on point I’m currently in the process of clearing off my strategy board and creating new ideas Thank You Goddess ✨❤️🙏🏾

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Shona Thomas
Shona Thomas
02 ene 2021

🔥everything was on point needed that...thank you so much

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The Royal High Priestess 8888
The Royal High Priestess 8888
02 ene 2021

You're welcome Goddess

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