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Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Welcome to your DECEMBER 2020 Mini Monthly Intuitive Messages. Below you will find your mini intuitive message, your angel number, your spirit animal and crystal messages



Water Signs for the months of December. I am hearing the words cleansing, releasing and forgiveness. Some of you may need to work on getting more intune with your feminine energy and others of you your masculine. This month will be a make it or break it month. It will be easy for you to miss out on opportunities. Spirit keep saying focus , focus and focus. Focus on the present moment. Some of you need to work on forgiveness surrounding a Partnership and your parents. Spirit is showing me someone cleanising there face with water. Some of you its to time face your emotions. I am also seeing a women asleep but she's writing in a notebook. It will be important for you all to pay attention to your dreams. Dont let fear of failure stop you from getting out of your comfort zone. Also don't let your ego guide you. Let your soul / heart lead the way. Remember what goes up must come down. Make sure you are only putting out energy that's for your highest good. Your Angel number for the month of DECEMBER 2020 is 10:10. This number represents endings and new beginnings. I am also hearing surprises, celebrations and miracles. 1010 also represents keeping your vibration High and focusing on the positive so you don't lose your connection to the Divine . Your words holds much power this month. Your spirit animal is the wild horse.

Spirit Animal: WILD HORSE

message: Speak your passion aloud and defend those whom you love in word and deed. Like a horse defend those whom you love with words and deeds. Let no one hurt or belittle them and let them know of your feelings with ardent speech.

Angel Number: 1010

indicates that it is a time of personal development, spiritual awakening and enlightenment. ... Keep your thoughts, focus and intentions on your soul mission and life purpose, and your elevated vibrations will attract abundance and positive energies into your life.

Crystal: Shiva Lingam

Rebirth, Spring 21

Message: you are currently undergoing a time of rebirth. This is an opportunity for you to shed your old ways that are no longer serving you, and a time to birth deeper aspects of yourself. Have you been feeling like the Universe has pulled the carpet from under you and all that you used to know is no longer working? All of these are signs that you are going through a powerful rebirth.

Shiva Lingam is associated with rebirth, it expands self- awareness and it will assist you to shed your old skin.



Air Signs for the month of DECEMBER 2020. I'm hearing the words finally it has come. Some of you this could be surrounding a home, pregnancy or new job opportunity. Others of you this simply could be unexpected changes that turn out to be miracles in disguise. Spirit keeps saying you waited for this moment don't fear. I am hearing well done . Some of could definitely be getting a promotion. Spirit is saying you kept your faith in the mist of adversity and challenges. This new beginning is well deserve. I am seeing someone praying and crying on there knees . These changes are what you prayed for. I am also hearing don't let anyone stop you this month. Although there is positive energy surrounding you. Some you may experience a small set back or delay. Don't let your mind play tricks on you. Check in with yourself occasionally to make sure you don't allow minor delays to turn into more than what it is . Which is a temporary challenging situation. I am seeing angel number 777. Your going through a time of rapid soul development. Your spirit animal for the month of DECEMBER 2020 is the Cobra. Cobra comes to let you know change is inevitable. Time to stop keeping your emotions bottled up inside. Shed that part of you where you have a hard time expressing yourself because of fear of rejection or not being heard.

Spirit Animal: COBRA

Message: Change is inevitable but with it comes the opportunity to shed a burden . Just like a cobra has to shed one skin before the new come in you are also in the process of shedding. Let what want to go ..go.

Angel: 777

You are definitely on the right path in every area of your life . Stay balanced and Spiritually aware so that you can continue moving forward on this illuminated path.



Message: this is an important time of selfish expression, its a time to communicate your thoughts and feelings and anything else you have been suppressing. Do you feel like you need to get something off your chest. Then express yourself. Enough of hiding.

Larimar aids in self expression, it will help you let go of old stale energy in the throat.