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NOVEMBER 2020 HOROSCOPE Monthly Intuitive message!! All zodiac signs .

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Hello Gods and Goddesses welcome to your November 2020 horoscope

monthly intuitive mini message. Below you will find your intuitive message, your angel number for the month as well as your spirit Animal.

Water Signs : Pisces , Cancers , and Scorpio

  • So water signs I feel there is a lot of new beginnings on the horizon for you. I feel this is a time of deeply profound change within your psyche. I feel you are beginning to see some mistakes you've made as well and the choices and decisions you could've made. I am being shown a dragon fly. The spiritual meaning of a dragon fly means transformation. I am also being shown angel number 111. This number represents new beginnings, New cycles, new ways of thinking and leadership. You're beginning to take charge of your life. I'm hearing the word selfish and ego. Make sure that the decisions you are making isn't coming from the ego. Overall I feel some much needed changes even in your relationships not just romantic. I am also hearing fruits, vegetables and water. Make sure that you're eating healthy and drinking ample amounts of water.

Affirmation: I am divinely guided and divinely inspired!!

Angel #111

Spirit Animal: Dragonfly

Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

  • So Earth Signs tappin into your energy. I feel a strong since of urgency. I feel I need to get something finish before a dead line. I'm having a vision of someone keep looking down at their watch. I feel some of you may feel like you're running out time. However that's not the case. The watch symbolizes Divine timing. This is more about needing to have patience. There's alot of fear base energy surrounding you guys. There's fears of being a failure, there's fears of not getting an opportunity and fears of making the wrong decision. I am also being shown a turtle. Things may be moving slow to you. However in the 5d realms there are alot of miracles being orchestrated by the Divine. I am also seeing hands filled with gold . Gold represents abundance. In this vision I also see the number 555.

Affirmation: My needs are met and I have nothing to fear.

Angel number: 555

Spirit Animal: Turtle

Air Signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

  • So Air signs connecting with your energy I immediately was guided to tell you guys . What you want.....wants you to. I feel some of you are second guessing yourself. I am being shown a balancing scale. I feel you guys are trying to figure out the pros and the cons of making a decision. Some of you are thinking alot about your future. I feel there is a decision that you must make. However whatever decision you make. Spirit is saying put yourself first. Whatever decision you make you need to make sure you are grounded. You will definitely benefit from meditation as well. I am also being shown a dove and the number 333. Know that you're protected and you will not fall. The dove represents peace and tranquility. The most important part is making the decision and stick with it. Stop going back and forth with yourself as this isn't helping anything or anyone.

Affirmation: I am divinely protected and Divinely directed:

Angel #333

Spirit Animal: Dove

Fire Signs: Leo , Aries and Sagittarius.

  • So tapping into my fire signs energy. I feel alot of passion . I feel like something inside me is on fire. I am picking up two different energies for you guys. Some of you there's passion around a project, relationship, ideas and the direction your life is headed in. Others of you this is frustration, anger, resentment, regrets and betrayal. Some of you are making changes with your free will. You're doing things you always wanted to do. Others of you are force to implement change in your life. The old ways of doing things won't work anymore. I am being shown a vision of the Phoenix rising. This represents the death of something that's no longer needed in your life. This also represents some parts of you are dying and a new you is being created. I am also being shown the angel number 1111. This means you guys are going through a spiritual awakening. This spiritual awakening is happening to put you on your Divine life path.

Affirmation: I release what no longer serves me and I focus on what does.

Angel #1111

Spirit Animal: the Phoenix

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Sonji Priester
Sonji Priester
Nov 09, 2020

I’ve been catching 111 and 1111 a lot lately and there’s definitely a change/shift going on but I do know it’s much needed..♋️♋️✨💫🦋


MarQuita Cochran
MarQuita Cochran
Oct 31, 2020

I so receive this 🥰🥰


Thank you all for your support. I really appreciate it.

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