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Weekly Oracle cards!! July 23- August 2, 2020

🌬You are going through a massive spiritual awakening. This transformation will help open up your heart and heal any past traumas. Your heart chakra has been affecting your health, relationships and finances. You are now opening your heart more and working on self love. You've been working on gratitude and appreciation. All of this has created the energy for your manifestations. If you haven't been doing the work this is your wake up call.

11: Spiritual awakening , master teacher, life purpose and soul mission

38: What is the number 38?

The angel number 38 is a symbol of hope, abundance and happiness. It is a call to get rid of all negativity from your life. It also reminds you never to lose hope, regardless of the circumstances. The angels are ensuring you that your desires will come to fruition soon.



11:11= Spiritual awakening and Spiritual enlightenment and manifestations.

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