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What is your Shadow Self?

The Shadow self is the unconcious part of you that lies dormant. It's the part of you that you deem negative or bad.  It's the part of you that you ignore. It's the part of you that society would deem negative as well as your family. The shadow self has traits like jealousy,  resentment, tempers,  low - self esteem,  ,addictions, control  issues, manipulative personalities  and  Victim mentalities. That's just to name a few. You may have all of these traits or some. Just because you have these traits it doesn't make you are a bad or good person. We all have a shadow side as well as a light side.  Our light side is what most call the good side. It's the side we show to the world.  It's the side of us thats shows happiness and loving emotions. It's our sacred space. We feel the safest in our lightside. We don't  have to worry about people judging us. However in all honesty we actually judge ourselves for not accepting both our light attributes and our dark attributes.  The world needs duality and polarity so do we. One can't exist without the other. We all grew up in a society that only tells you to embrace of all the good. While we should embrace the good we also need to embrace the negative. It's all about balance. The darkness is connected to the feminine aspect of ourselves. The light is connected to our masculine side. Feminine deal with our emotions. Someone who's more intune with there feminine

energy tends to be more fun, open , out going , expressive and free and sometimes the opposite. Someone whose more intune with their masculinity tends to be more focus, takes control and are able to lead and sometimes the opposite. They have a protected personality. If you have to much of masculine or feminine energy it will bring you out of balance. That why it's so important to make sure you're balance within both energies. For example someone that's more intune with there feminine energy may find themselves in situations where they are giving at the detrimental of themselves. Someone's more intune with they masculinity may find themselves needing to control everything. Having balance within you are able to give and receive with equal energy exchange.

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